TCI has completed a wide variety of projects of all types and sizes.  We are especially successful in complex projects that require high technical skills and quality installation.

Our team takes a lot of pride in the projects that we conduct.  We understand the importance of planning for jobs to be executed properly and on schedule.  Working closely with our engineers, close attention to detail, and collaboration between team members is the key to our success.

In retrofit projects TCI works with all local utility providers on rebate programs.  We can help determine the most energy efficiency equipment, calulate savings, and manage the process.

Some of the types of retrofit/installation projects we specialize in are (but not limited too):

  • Chillers (Screw, Centrifugal, Absorbers, & Reciprocating)

  • Air Handling Units & Rooftop Equipment

  • Cooling Towers (Open & Closed Loops)

  • Pumps

  • VFD’s

  • Furnaces/Boilers (Steam & Hot Water)

  • Coils & Heat Exchangers

  • Terminal Equipment (FCU, VAV, WSHP, EF)

  • Pneumatic & Building Automation Systems (Upgrades/Modernization)